Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Big Brother Casting Online for Big Brother 14

I just came across this tidbit of information over at the Big Brother 14 Blog. It looks like the well-known summer reality show is now accepting auditions for Big Brother 14 Casting online.

They also share this video interview with a casting director from Big Brother on CBS ( I'm not sure if she still casts for them or just handled casting for previous seasons). Here name is Robyn and she shares some cool info on getting picked to be on Big Brother.

I've mentioned before that I like reality shows. A lot of television programming these days is not too exciting, but I like some of the smarter reality shows like The Amazing Race- and Big Brother is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Here are Some TV Shows I Like

OK, so I have a blog about television. Naturally people ask me every day what kind of tv shows I like to watch. Seriously, random people come up to me on the street. Honestly, I have to admit my favorite shows are.... reality tv shows.. Yep. I know.

I know people think I have impeccable taste and consider reality television trash, but some it is incredibly good. For example, The Amazing Race is simply a great show. it is quality programming.

During the summer my guilty pleasure show is the Big Brother Reality Show on CBS. I know the show itself is typical mindless network fare, but I like it. So there. I'm not one of those millions(?) of people who subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds so they can watch it 24 hours a day uncensored or anything lame like that, but I like it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Best Show on Cable TV Debate

What is the best show on TV right now? Who knows? Better yet, you could break it down to what is the best show on network TV ( are there any?), basic cable, extended cable, and Premium cable. lol.

Well over at this blog called Devon Lohan a couple writers are debating. The guy who owns the place, Devon, likes Sons of Anarchy. In fact he says he has reviews Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, and True Blood, and concluded that Sons of Anarchy is the best show on cable.

Devon's friend the Random Villain seems to think The Shield is the best show on tv, period.

Really? I have yet to see Anarchy but The Shield is fine television programming.

What do you think?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Why Don't Television Stars watch TV?

I was reading an article recently about interviews with television actors. According to the writer, very few television actors admit to watching or enjoying television. Some will admit to watching whatever the trendy show is at the time, but that's about it.

Why do television stars avoid watching TV? Maybe they are just really busy and tired after long days on the set. Perhaps they hate the fact they have "lowered" themselves to tv series work and are not working in serious film or stage productions.

Or maybe, it's just because television sucks.

That's pretty much what we think at Television Programming Critic.